Kennon Andy Lattal教授(West Virginia University, US)の講演会が開催されました


Andy Lattal教授講演会(2019.11.22)
講演題目:Big Surprises: Jackpot Reinforcers in Research and Practice
講演要旨:Unusually large, infrequent reinforcers, described as
jackpots, are the subject of considerable discussion among applied
animal behaviorists. Such reinforcers offer considerable promise as a
means of both potentiating training of new responses and response
classes and enhancing previously learned ones. The concept of jackpot
reinforcement, however, is not only rift with definitional and
procedural confusion, but there also is a paucity of research, either
basic or applied, on such reinforcement.  Considerations in
undertaking such research include defining the parameters of jackpot
reinforcers, identifying suitable dependent variables, and creating
experimental designs for their assessment.   The few experimental
analyses of jackpot reinforcer effects on either response acquisition
or maintenance have produced little evidence of systematic effects,
despite the use of several different methods and behavioral measures.
Negative results could reflect either the absence of systematic
effects of these jackpot reinforcers or unsuitable methods of
analysis. Only further research will take the topic of jackpot
reinforcers beyond opinion and testimonial and into the realm of
behavioral science.

日時:2019年11月22日(金) 17時30分から19時

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